LeBron James 11-Word Message to All His Haters 18 Years Since NBA Debut

LeBron James had to deal with haters throughout his entire career. The king of basketball has four rings on his hands and people still criticize him. Skip Bayless and those like him like to trash LeBron on a daily basis. Wonder why? We can list a few reasons, but that would be too much for these guys.

The four-time NBA champion is well aware of this criticism. This hate has helped him play elite basketball for so many years. LeBron has been part of the NBA for almost two decades. He is still in his prime and still hopes to get a few more rings. Truth is, LeBron can do that.

LeBron doesn’t mind all the hate he receives every day. He took to Twitter to deliver a special message for his doubters and it felt really good.

The Lakers superstar retweeted a video of him from his first game in Oracle Arena against the Golden State Warriors. In this video, the crowd booed young LeBron. Some guys didn’t like the Cleveland Cavaliers rookie. This didn’t change, and LeBron still gets an unhealthy dose of hate.

Guess what… He doesn’t mind any of that. The Lakers veteran forward is well aware of the fact that this is just the nature of competition. This hate makes everything better and keeps players going. Some of them lose games while others earn their rings. LeBron is in the second group. Absolutely!

Lakers’ LeBron James blasts haters on Twitter

LeBron worked really hard to get here. He struggled in his first stint with the Cavaliers but gave them a title in 2016. His Cavaliers won a lot of games and beat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. He gave Cleveland the first Larry O’Brien trophy. Haters were crying. He taught them a lesson.

Today, LeBron has four rings and he is a four-time NBA MVP and four-time Finals MVP. He won his last title with the Lakers inside the NBA bubble in Orlando. Bayless and his crew can criticize LeBron as much as they want but we know he is the best basketball player on this planet.