Michael Jordan Just Saved the 2020 NBA Season

The Milwaukee Bucks boycotted Game 5 of the first-round series to protest against police brutality and systemic racism. Other teams did the same, and the NBA had to make a decision regarding the playoffs. Players are trying to deliver a message, and the shooting of Jacob Blake caused an avalanche of reactions in the bubble. The NBA postponed the games and players will probably have them on Saturday. Players and coaches had a meeting in Orlando and it wasn’t good at all. Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that the Lakers and Clippers voted to boycott the remainder of the season. Lakers superstar LeBron James walked out of the meeting. Lakers and Clippers players did the same. Players of other teams wanted to continue the games. Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan saved the 2020 season.

Adrian Wojnarowski reported that players took part in polling. It wasn’t really a final vote and they had yet to make an official decision.

The Bulls legend had a big role in the decision. ESPN reported that Jordan contacted the National Basketball Players Association president Chris Paul prior to the owners’ meeting. He wanted to know more about players and their future plans. Jordan wanted to help them deliver a message. MJ also contacted Russell Westbrook about the problems with social injustice.

Michael Jordan saved the 2020 season for a good reason

Two participants in the owners meeting mentioned that Jordan contacted team owners. He wanted to allow players to speak their mind and voice their concerns.

“Michael is the perfect person to be in this role,” an NBA official said to ESPN. “He’s been a high-profile player who has won championships. He’s also the owner of a small-market team. He has great credibility both with the players and the owners.”

Jordan is no longer a professional player. However, he is interested in everything that’s related to the NBA. Jordan has a big role in the NBA world. He has an excellent connection with players and owners. Jordan probably saved the 2020 NBA season and he will probably continue doing the same thing.