Snoop Dogg Puts LeBron James Ahead of Michael Jordan in GOAT Conversation

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is the GOAT and everyone knows it, including Snoop Dogg. The three-time NBA champion has been a dominant force on the floor for 17 years and he is about to win another title with the Lakers. But, the NBA is in the middle of an awful situation and players may boycott the rest of the playoffs. They have every right to do this because this country needs a change. That’s what NBA players say in conference calls.

Let’s go back to LeBron and his greatness. Analysts have compared him to Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan. They have similar stats and NBA fans are divided into two groups. LeBron’s fans would never agree that MJ is better than the king.

What makes LeBron better than Jordan? He has been really active outside the court. You will always see him defend those who need support. LeBron leads players in the protests and he has been pretty loud in the past few days. The shooting of Jacob Blake shocked the entire nation and NBA players couldn’t take it anymore. They were wearing jerseys with special messages. LeBron was writing strong messages on his sneakers. He is seeking answers for the death of Breonna Taylor, Floyd and others like him.

LeBron James to keep his GOAT title

That’s what makes him the ultimate player. LeBron talks about pretty much anything that involves society. He stands against those who hurt others. He calls for justice and other players follow his example.

King James wanted to give up on the idea of winning a fourth title. He supported those who want to cancel the rest of the playoffs.

The season will resume and LeBron will use each and every game to make a statement. Let’s see how will the whole situation end. The Lakers have one game left, and they did a really good job in the first round against the Portland Trail Blazers. Using their platform to make a statement is a big step and players will do whatever it takes to make a change.