Fans’ Stunning Reactions by The Look Inside LeBron James’ NBA Bubble Hotel Room

LeBron James fans have been shocked after a look at his hotel room within the NBA bubble. Players who are still playing within the NBA bubble have been there for a whopping 2 months already. It seems like it is fair to give them some sympathy. Well, maybe that is until you get to take a look at the room that LeBron James has within the bubble.

James recently gave an inside look into his room on the Disney World campus for the start of the NFL season. To be completely honest, it does not seem like it would be too hard to live with the room that he has on the NBA bubble. The Los Angeles Lakers have officially made it to the Conference final. They are currently waiting for the winner of the Clippers and Nuggets winner.

LeBron posted a video of 3 different screens on Instagram. They were all showing the start of NFL football. One was the big-screen television on a wall in his suite’s living room, one was one his laptop, and the last within the kitchen area. You can also see bottles of water as well as about 18 open bottles of wine.

Fans’ Stunning Reactions by The Look Inside LeBron James’ NBA Bubble Hotel Room

Take a look at the videos.

Here is another one that makes it look really good.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with him showing off what he is currently working with within the bubble.

But LeBron has been very vocal about his distaste for the Bubble which is a little bit surprising. It definitely does not seem too difficult to deal with. But at the same time, we are not in his head. It is very obvious that the NBA bubble has been difficult on many players. Take a look at what he said.

“You have to really love basketball to be here because there’s no extra motivation, you know, as far as that you get or the excitement from the crowd and things of that nature,” he said. “You have to really like love the game and love the work and be able to lock in on your craft and that’s something that I actually love.”

Hopefully the Laker players can stay focused enough to further themselves in the Playoffs.

Do you like his room?