Michael Lombardi Gives His Take On Patriots’ Week 3 Rushing

The New England Patriots defeated the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 3, and the Patriots’ rushing game sure made headlines. It was a beautiful 35-20 win over the Raiders. Patriots players had an incredible game on the field, and they worked in perfect synergy. Let’s not forget that this wasn’t Cam Newton’s best night. Pats won and that’s the only thing that matters. NFL Insider Michael Lombardi took notice of the Patriots’ rushing game, and his comments didn’t really come like a surprise.

The Patriots’ backfield combined for an amazing 250 yards on 38 carries. Sony Michel led the way with 117 carries on nine rushes. The Patriots ran the ball at will last Sunday. What does Lombardy say about this?

Michael Lombardi praises Patriots’ rushing efforts

The running backs executed in all three phases, and ran really hard. According to him, Patriots players did a really good job and took advantage of the lack of size the Raiders had on the edges of their defense. The team had great success in the big plays, and Lombardi likes pretty much everything about the Patriots’ rushing game. He had words of play for Michel and his group.

New England did a good job against the Raiders and now stands at a 2-1 record. Reigning Super Bowl champions are next on their list. It’s a road game for Newton and the team. Playing against the Kansas City Chiefs won’t be easy and Patriots players know that. But, Bill Belichick will do his best to prepare the team for the hardest game. Let’s see what happens in Kansas City.

Patriots players need to stay healthy for the Chiefs. Veteran wideout Julian Edelman still deals with his knee issue. But, his game was impressive, and he shouldn’t be a concern. James White didn’t play in Week 3 and players tried to replace him. New England played without Davis Andrews and Josh Uche and they won’t join the team in the next few weeks. New England wins without some of its key players, and that’s more than promising.