Bill Belichick Addresses Why Cam Newton is The Starting Quarterback

Veteran quarterback Cam Newton is not playing his best football in his return from the COVID list, but head coach Bill Belichick insists on using him as a starting quarterback. New England got Newton to win games, and they have lost three straight games. Well, this won’t change the way coach Belichick sees things.

Newton was brilliant during his time with the Carolina Panthers. He had some struggles in the past couple of seasons, but he has recovered from his injuries and Patriots like him. In other words, Belichick won’t write off his starter. During his appearance on WEEI, the Patriots head coach talked about his future plan and Newton’s role. From what we can see, Belichick has a really good reason to put Newton under center.

“Well, I think he’s our best player there,” he said. “Again, there are other problems offensively and things we need to do better. That’s what we’re going to work on. We have to find ways to be more productive.”

Bill Belichick is not changing his starting quarterback

The Patriots have so much to do at this point of the season. Patriots players are pretty frustrated right now, and they have received an unhealthy dose of criticism.

Everyone has noticed that Newton hasn’t been himself since returning from quarantine. Of course, the quarterback denies that the virus has affected his performance. His numbers tell a different story.

Belichick benched Newton early in the fourth quarter of the game against the Niners. He put second-year quarterback Jarrett Stidham under center right after Newton hit his third interception of the game. He wasn’t going to finish the game with success.

Belichick surprised everyone with the comments he made regarding this decisison. According to him, using Stidham in the final quarter was nothing  but an attempt to give him experience.

New England plays the Buffalo Bills in Week 8. The New York Jets are next on the list. The Patriots have a tough schedule and Belichick is prepared for that. Are his players ready for the challenge?