Bronny James’ Jokes Added Another Layer to the NBA Finals

Bronny James sure knows how to make the best headlines, and he was the subject of many jokes in the NBA Finals. His famous dad won his fourth title, and his game is more than impressive. LeBron is the king of basketball and he knows how to do business. But, Bronny knows how to steal the spotlight. The king’s heir got people talking.

Truth is, Bronny was born in the spotlight. His father was a high school star and the world loved him. LeBron became a superstar and many would agree that he is the GOAT.

So, how did Bronny start the whole thing?

In September, LeBron’s son shared videos to his Instagram page. At one moment, he shared the wrong post to his main account. The post was removed, and a lot of fans watched the short video of Bronny smoking a blunt. Bronny didn’t pay much attention to this. It looks like he has a bigger situation to handle.

Bronny to make the NBA one day

LeBron and his Los Angeles Lakers made the NBA Finals, so he had to stay in the Orlando bubble a little longer. NBA fans forgot about Bronny’s vide as everyone was focused on LeBron’s chance to defeat Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat.

The king returned home and he sure talked to Bronny. The James family celebrated Zhuri’s birthday and it looks like everything went well following Bronny’s shocking clip.

Bronny is on a good way to inherit the throne. The kid has shown some insane skills, and coaches are interested in his potential. He has the best coach at home, and this gives him an advantage. Bronny will make the NBA one day, and his father will be in the first line of support.

The king dreams of playing alongside his son, but we will have to wait a few more years for this to happen. LeBron would love that, but he will turn 36 in December. Will he retire before Bronny’s debut in the NBA? Let’s wait and find out.