Piece of Advice Michael Jordan Had When LeBron James Was Struggling to Get His First NBA Championship

Michael Jordan and LeBron James have been part of the GOAT debate for quite some time, and the Chicago Bulls legend even gave LeBron advice on his first championship.

The GOAT discussion will probably never end, but fans will always remember their greatness on the basketball court.

In one of his interviews, MJ talked about LeBron’s first title. He compared it to his win in 1991. The Chicago Bulls legend even revealed how things work before and after a championship win.

LeBron James won his first championship with Miami

MJ needed seven years to get his title in 1991. He was losing to the Detroit Pistons in the EC Finals. Jordan reflected on this when he delivered a message to young LeBron. The king of basketball was about to win his ring with the Miami Heat.

“First one’s always the hardest,” MJ said. “Then, as you get that first, the expectation comes, and now you got to live with those. Everybody says this is just average year, they compare everything to me in terms of me winning in my seventh year. We had some tough battles, and once I got there, I never left. I think once he [Bron] gets there, the expectation is that he never should leave and I wish him the best for that.”

LeBron won his first ring nine years after his first game in the NBA. After this win, LeBron couldn’t hit a three-peat. But, he was making the NBA Finals on a regular basis.

Jordan’s career was followed by many controversies. But, nothing beats the fact that he was an amazing player. NBA players learned so much from him.

“For all the people who’ve never won one, they’re always gonna say, I was not that big of a deal. For all the people that have won, it’s the greatest accomplishment and you never can take that away. No matter what happens to me in life, you can never take away that I won six championships and that helped establish my legacy. If you look at Charles, Charles probably say he had a great career, he never won though. Make sure you tell him that.”

Mentioning Charles Barkley was a big deal. The Sixers legend failed to build the same legacy as Jordan.