LeBron James Comments on Kobe Bryant Emulating Michael Jordan’s Game

The Los Angeles Lakers had a convincing win over the Chicago Bulls. Saturday was a big day for the Lakers nation as the reigning champions added another win to their charts. Lakers players keep doing their magic even a year after Kobe Bryant’s tragic death. LeBron James used the opportunity to honor Kobe Bryant and took a different approach to his legacy.

LeBron and his teammates arrived in Chicago with one goal and they accomplished it. Media members asked LeBron about his opinion on Kobe emulating Michael Jordan’s game. The four-time NBA champion said he always respected the Black Mamba for everything he did on the basketball court.

“I appreciated Kobe’s game for Kobe’s game. … I respected him for who he was as a player,” LeBron said.

LeBron James praises Kobe Bryant

NBA experts have always compared Kobe to MJ. The Bulls icon was his idol. Kobe didn’t have too many chances to play against Jordan as he joined the NBA when MJ was on his way out. However, they did share some notable moments. Basketball fans remember their All-Star games.

Kobe followed Jordan’s moves in some aspects of the game. LeBron is here to make a difference. He would gladly appreciate the icons separately. There may be some similarities between Kobe and MJ, but they were pretty unique back in the days. That’s what makes them so great. The same applies to King James.

Several years after Kobe’s retirement, LeBron continues to keep his legacy alive. The Lakers had an impressive start of the season but they have much more to offer. Lakers players aren’t happy with their performance despite having the best record. With the win over Chicago, the Lakers improved to a 13-4 record. Players celebrated a 101-90 win, motivating themselves to try even harder next time.

LeBron finished the night with 17 points, 11 rebounds, and six assists. AD scored 37 points, 6 rebounds, and three assists. Los Angeles had a 30-point lead at halftime and we all know what happened next.

Lakers players hope to finish the road trip with more winnings, increasing their chances to make the playoffs again.