Lakers’ LeBron James Hints That Change In Playing Style Is Coming

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has the ultimate playing style. However, some things will probably change at some point of the regular season.

Lakers big man Anthony Davis is expected to miss some time from the Lakers season. He is dealing with a calf strain and Achilles tendonosis. According to initial reports, AD will probably stay on the sidelines for a month. This leads us all the way to King James.

The four-time NBA champion will probably change his playing style. AD is out, and several key players are dealing with issues.

LeBron James to adjust his playing style

LA has lost a few games, and the 96-94 loss to the Miami Heat forced the king to change his approach. LeBron said he needs to make some changes in his game in order to help his teammates win more games in the upcoming period.

“I think that’s what it all boils down to, and right now is another challenge for me, to be able to adjust,” James said. “Not having A.D. for a long period of time is something that we haven’t had over the last year-and-a-half, and now it’s time for me to adjust again and see ways I can be even more effective to help this team win ballgames. Because that is the sport that we’re in.

We’re in the winning business, and I’ve always been a winner. So, it’s time to click into that.”

AD has been dealing with multiple injuries throughout the season. He left the game against the Denver Nuggets after sustaining a calf strain. He had his MRI and the team confirmed the results.

Davis is averaging 22.5 points, 8.4 rebounds, 3.0 assists, 1.8 blocks, and 1.3 steals per game with his team. LA lost a valuable player and LeBron will have to make a big change. We don’t have much info on his next move. One thing stands for sure. LeBron has been winning games without his superstar teammates. He has been here before. That makes things easier for him. He will work things out without a problem.

Lakers players try to go after their second straight title. They have so much going on right now.