NFL Players React to Viral Cam Newton Video

New England Patriots veteran quarterback Cam Newton is making headlines with his video today. Everyone saw the video of a teenager heckling the Patriots quarterback at a 7-on-7 tournament. The teenager looks really bad in this video. It’s the ultimate form of disrespect. What did Newton do? He delivered a few words, and then ignore the disrespectful kid.

The quarterback shared an extended video to show the full interaction.

This disgraceful event was probably the biggest story on lazy Sunday. The video went viral, and many NFL players reacted to Newton’s situation.

NFL world reacts to Cam Newton and his video

Newton is highly regarded among NFL players. Many players defended the player and offered their response on social media.

“I feel like the younger generation doesn’t realize how much he changed the game- first high school game I played I had a pair of Cam Newton’s on my feet !!!” Josh Uche tweeted.

“This is crazy. A heisman winner, an NFL MVP, & a 10 year pro hosting a football camp.. and instead of really trying to get something out of it – you clout chase for some weird attention,” Will Compton wrote on Twitter. “Kid should be kicked out and grounded indefinitely.”

“Cam should’ve asked him to leave. Kid thinks he’s being funny, cute, but he’s being super disrespectful. This isn’t the 1st time kid has gotten outta pocket with an adult,” Shannon Sharped wrote. “Remember our parents would say behave be respectful when dropping us off somewhere. I miss that. SAD”

Some tried to find fault in Newton’s approach. However, most people supported the quarterback and the response he had to the disrespectful kid. People on social media admire Newton’s restraint. Pretty much everyone was sickened by the kid’s actions.

Newton will enter free agency in March. We don’t know where he will go next. Initial reports suggest that Newton will return to New England. Others believe Newton will land somewhere else.