Separating Smoke From Fire Among Lakers Trade Rumors

The Los Angeles Lakers have been involved in many trade rumors. The team was linked with several top names. Smoke and fire, remember? NBA experts speculated around one former Lakers role player, three former All-Stars, and an intriguing young prospect.

Victor Oladipo, Rockets

Smoke: Oladipo was sent to the Houston Rockets, and many thought that he would stick on the roster. The Rockets have a seven-game losing streak, and Oladipoo may soon change his mind. Maybe the Rockets will seek a trade for Oladipo.

Fire: The Lakers’ interest in Oladipo disappeared after the team offered contracts to Kyle Kuzma and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope this offseason. Getting Oladipo may be a little pricey for the Lakers. Maybe the team will have to give up on Dennis Schroder, Alex Caruso, Alfonso McKinnie and even Talen Horton-Tucker.

NBA experts discuss other Lakers trade rumors

Trevor Ariza, Thunder

The veteran has spent time with nine teams in the league. He played with the 2009 Lakers team and won a title that season. The 16-year-old veteran plays with the Thunder now, but awaits a trade or a buyout. LA wanted him in the offseason.

“[Thunder GM] Sam Presti traditionally does not do contract buyouts,” Adrian Wojnarowski said. “He’s usually been able to find trades for guys, so maybe Ariza gets a trade somewhere and then gets bought out if the Lakers can’t trade for him, but that’s another player who I think will be in great demand among the contenders.”

Fire: Ariza has plenty of experience, and LA waits for the veteran to get a buyout.

Blake Griffin to LA

Blake Griffin, Pistons

Smoke: Griffin will sit out the next few weeks. Detroit has to find a trade partner or create a buyout deal. Griffin will make $75 million between this year and next, and trading him is not that possible. If Griffin agrees to give back money to secure his buyout, LA can bring him back.

Fire: Griffin is athletic dunker. Simple as that. However, he has been dealing with some knee issues, and shoots 31.5% from the 3-point line and has zero dunks. LA will pass him.

Andre Drummond, Cavaliers

Smoke: Griffin won’t play for the Cavs anymore. Cleveland is trying to find a new home. Miami or Dallas can get him. He is in the final year of his deal.

Fire: If Drummond is bought out, LA should consider him. He was averaging 17.5 points and 13.5 rebounds before the Cavaliers shut him down. LA has Marc Gasol and Rob Pelinka doesn’t have too much money to spend.

Mo Bamba, Magic

Smoke: The No.6 pick in the 2018 NBA Draft may be on the trade block. According to Zack Buckley of Bleacher Report, “the Lakers should make the phone call.”

Fire: Will the Magic trade Bamba? They passed on Michael Porter Jr., Collin Sexton, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to get him. Giving up on him won’t be easy.