Tom Brady Threw the Lombardi Trophy From One Boat to Another (Video)

Tom Brady threw the Lombardi Trophy he has just won with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yes, Brady can throw anything. It was a joke, but yes, the legendary quarterback can definitely throw anything.

TB12 and the Bucs won the Super Bowl, so Brady thought it would be nice to throw the trophy from one boat to another. It was a big splash during the Bucs boat parade. Brady sure knows how to make people talk. He knows how to win games. This man knows everything.

It was quite a pass. Let’s not forget that he is the GOAT.

Tom Brady threw the Lombardi Trophy to celebrate his success

Winning Super Bowls looks really familiar for Brady. He threw two touchdown passes to former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. Antonio Brown received the next pass. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in the 31-9 night. It was a beautiful win on the home field.

The greatest of all time earned his fifth Super Bowl MVP award. Brady made his 10th Super Bowl appearance. It was his first Super Bowl trip without Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. TB12 broke his own mark for the oldest NFL player to win a Super Bowl. He also joins Hall of Famer Peyton Manning as the only quarterbacks to win a big game with multiple franchises.

“I’m not making any comparisons,” he said. “Experiencing it with this group of guys is amazing.”

The Buccaneers won their second NFL title. It was the first title in 18 years. The Bucs are the first team to play the Super Bowl at home. It was quite a challenging season for the Bucs. They managed to win the Super Bowl despite the coronavirus pandemic. Brady’s team won three road games as a wild-card team to make the big game.

Patriots players rooted for Brady and celebrated his success. Julian Edelman and the rest of the guys delivered messages of support for the greatest quarterback of all time. Brady is set to meet his former team in 2021. We won’t miss this game.