Look: Throwback Video Of Cam Newton Hyping Up Justin Fields

Veteran quarterback Cam Newton signed a one-year deal with the New England Patriots, but head coach Bill Belichick may soon replace him with Justin Fields.

Newton may go under center but he may also compete with Jarrett Stidham in training camp. There are several options for the Patriots at this point. Fields is one of the top prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft. The good news? New England may get him in the first round of the draft. Head coach Belichick will have to trade up and down to get the player.

Of course, Fields won’t be available at No. 15. Belichick has called NFL teams to move up the draft board in order to get the Ohio State quarterback. Fields is an incredible player and Newton is well aware of that.

Cam Newton likes Justin Fields

The NFL shared a video of Newton hyping up Fields. This happened long before Fields played with the Bulldogs.

“Hey listen, man. It’s Cam Newton here. Hey, best player in high school football right here,” Newton said. “If you’re a high school player and you’re watching this, you know it’s the truth. If you’re a doggone recruiter for anything, this is the best thing any recruitment can get you right here. I’m Cam Newton and I approve this message.”

How far will Belichick go to get Fields? At least one NFL expert believes the Patriots will trade up to No. 4 in the first round to select Fields. Trevor Lawrence, Fields, Mac Jones, and a few other players will find homes in the first round of the draft. Belichick will definitely get one of them.

Newton has a lot left in the tank. He needs strong weapons to win games, and Belichick signed a group of talented players. Jonnu Smith and Henry Hunter seem like good addition to the team at this point. Belichick has an excellent offense and his defense looks good too. New England looks a lot different now and the roster will get much better after the NFL Draft.