Patient ‘Patriots’ Could Wind Up With Future Hall-of-Famer

The New England Patriots have shown interest in San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Adam Schefter from ESPN discussed a potential scenario and it links the Patriots to a future Hall of Famer.

Have you ever thought of Aaron Rodgers?

Schefter reported that the Green Bay Packers veteran has grown disgruntled with his team that he has asked to be traded away.

Patriots have great plans for the future

Tom E. Curran from NBA Sports talked about one particular scenario and he believes the Patriots may get a chance to sign Rodgers in 2022 if they don’t make a blockbuster move for the veteran in the draft.

“[Tom] Brady beat back the Garoppolo challenge with Super Bowl wins but the Patriots didn’t fold their tent and commit to him. That was their mistake. Is that a cautionary tale for Green Bay? If it is and the Packers decide to move Rodgers, would Belichick be interested? Would it be an admission that the team stubbed its toe with Brady? Or has the team improved sufficiently in key offensive areas so that it makes sense to spend on a player like Rodgers?

“Brady is the greatest jockey of all time, but he wasn’t winning any races with that nag of an offense the Patriots had in 2019 or 2020 and he knew it. What happened with Brady will happen with Rodgers just like it happened with Rodgers’ predecessor, Brett Favre and Brady’s predecessor, Drew Bledsoe. It’s not going to happen this year. But if you’re the Patriots, you want to keep your options open as long as you can until the answer is revealed. And the answer isn’t in trading up in this draft.”

In January, Henry McKenna from USA Today talked about Rodgers and his chances to join the Patriots. He wrote that the Patriots have enough cap space to work with. The Patriots are returning key players who opted-out in 2020.

Patriots fans would really love to see Rodgers in New England. He seems like the perfect option for the team.