Skip Bayless Predicts Major Patriots Quarterback Trade

The New England Patriots are making a move and they will probably try to find their next quarterback through a trade deal. According to Skip Bayless, head coach Bill Belichick will pull out a big quarterback trade in the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft.

Cam Newton signed a one-year deal with the Patriots. However, this doesn’t mean that the Patriots will give him the starting job. In other words, Newton will probably receive the same treatment as he did last year. Belichick made him compete with Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer. Newton joined the Patriots right before the start of the new season and he didn’t have much time to prepare. The quarterback jumped into a new system and got COVID-19 in Week 4. Newton saw a lot of struggles in his first season with the team. Well, the Patriots decided to give him another chance.

The Patriots to take part in a quarterback trade

This doesn’t change the fact that the Patriots need another signal-caller. What about Jimmy Garoppolo? The San Francisco 49ers traded up the draft board to get the player they need.

Bayless said the Patriots will get Garoppolo from the 49ers. Garoppolo will get a chance to reunite with head coach Belichick and all the Patriots players.

San Francisco will probably trade Garoppolo at some point of the next season. They will easily trade him to get some assets for their new quarterback.

“I’m gonna say a big ‘yes’ to that (happening), and I’m gonna say ‘no’ on the idea of doing it, because it’ll be a bad idea for Belichick,” Bayless said during Tuesday’s episode of Undisputed.

Bayless doubled down and tweeted the following:

“I believe Bill Belichick wants to show the world that he could and would have won with Jimmy G starting in 2017, and I think he will be dead wrong about that,” Bayless said on Twitter.

Some fans don’t really like the fact that Garoppolo may join the Patriots. Newton seems like a better option right now. Adding Garoppolo to the roster may not be the biggest move for the team.