Tedy Bruschi Predicts Which Patriots QB Will Start Most Games In 2021

The New England Patriots look really great right now. Head coach Bill Belichick adjusted the roster to perfection and he is ready to make the playoffs in 2021. Cam Newton signed a one-year deal with the team, and he will probably go under center in the upcoming season. Belichick likes the veteran and he decided to give him another chance. There are several theories regarding the quarterback situation in New England at the moment. Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi talked about the Patriots in 2021.

According to Bruschi, Newton will be Belichick’s starting quarterback when the team opens up the 2021 season in September.

Well, Bruschi said it won’t be terrible long into the season before rookie quarterback Mac Jones replaces Newton.

Tedy Bruschi has bold prediction for the Patriots 2021 season

The former linebacker talked about this during Tuesday’s episode of Get Up. When asked to predict whether Newton or Jones will start more games in 2021, Bruschi provided an interesting answer. He opted for Jones. The three-time Super Bowl champion said that Newton will wear down quickly.

“I think Cam Newton will start the year,” Bruschi said on ESPN. “He’ll hold onto it possibly for four or five weeks. You do not want Mac Jones going in to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady. So, that’s Week 4. I think Cam holds it through there. I think Cam eventually does get beat up because of the nine, 10 times (per game) they want to run him and be a power quarterback. He gets beat up a little bit, his throwing accuracy suffers eventually and around the fifth or sixth game, here comes Mac Jones for the rest of the way.”

Bruschi made a rather bold prediction. We are talking about someone who got a second chance from Belichick. A Patriots rookie has never started games in a season under coach B.

The Patriots head coach will do the best to bring the right player under center. Newton is a great guy and Jones is really talented too. Let’s see what happens in the next few months. New England looks great now.