Magic Johnson Shares Troubling Insight on Lakers Star LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers missed the chance to win back-to-back titles. Both superstars struggled to stay healthy and missed a lot of time on the floor. Anthony Davis was out since mid-February. Dennis Schroder, Marc Gasol, and a few others missed games due to the NBA’s health and safety protocols. Hall of Famer Magic Johnson follows every move LA makes and this time he talked about LeBron James.

The four-time NBA champion missed 26 games due to his serious injury. AD struggled with his injuries, and many thought that LeBron would take over the series against the Phoenix Suns. Things didn’t go well for the Lakers and they lost three straight games. The Suns eliminated LA in the first round.

King James played great but he wasn’t 100%. He wasn’t his old self. LeBron has carried teams on his back and he has also won a lot of games. Well, it didn’t happen this time. He couldn’t help his team win the series.

Magic Johnson praises LeBron James

The Lakers superstar wasn’t 100% healthy and this was more than obvious. Prior to suffering an injury, LeBron had an MVP performance. He is the best player in the world. Kevin Durant had an excellent playoff run and some said he was the best player in the world. Well, not everyone is willing to accept this. Magic Johnson says LeBron is the best but only has one more year on top of the NBA.

“I think LeBron’s got one more year to be the man, and then it’s Kevin Durant’s league right after that,” Johnson said on ESPN’s Get Up.

LeBron was immortal for a really long time. He looked like immortal. The king of basketball is 36, and he did things that no one has ever seen. He has to retire at some point. Aging is such a normal thing.

Many would agree that Durant is the most obvious heir to the throne should King James decline. The Brooklyn Nets veteran was amazing in the playoffs and he is the best offensive player in the NBA.