Cam Newton Looks to Be Making an Equipment Change This Season

The New England Patriots have made so many changes in the offseason. Veteran quarterback Cam Newton is also making a change and this time he is changing equipment.

The 2015 NFL MVP shared a video to his Instagram. In this video, we can see Newton working out with Jakobi Meyers. He is predictably stylish. The veteran may be working out but he is in an excellent shape.

At least one viewer recognized the signal-caller sporting a new helped. Newton chose a Riddell SpeedFlex for his workout. It’s pretty different than the Schutt helmet he was wearing before.

The quarterback’s personal quarterback coach George Whitfield has worked with the veteran throughout the entire offseason. They worked on sustaining good habits in one particular part of the game. Newton’s social media posts said the same.

Cam Newton is changing equipment

Analysts discussed Newton’s issues on the field. He should consider making some changes and analysts have a few suggestions. Josh McDaniels would add something, too.

The veteran is all-in when it comes to winning games with his team. Belichick decided to trust him and rewarded him with another big deal. What is the first thing he will do in 2021?

“Simple,” Newton said, per Karen Guregian of The Boston Herald. “Feed your focus. Feed it. If the hate ain’t in my focus, I don’t feed it. I feed off of it, but I don’t feed it. It’s two different things. When I sense or when I dwell on hatred, that’s the product that’s gonna come out: rage, anger. But that’s the hatred using me, not me using the hatred. So I want to process that and make that fuel me. I don’t dwell on what a person may say, what this person may say, she say, I just use it to my advantage and I feed what I want it to feed.”