NFL World Reacts To Cam Newton Comments About New England Patriots

Cam Newton made the first comments following his departure from the New England Patriots. He had a one-on-one convo with his father, Cecil, and his comments attracted the attention of pretty much everyone. I mean, Newton gets everyone’s attention whenever he makes a statement. People follow every move he makes and these comments didn’t sit well with some fans.

According to Newton, the Patriots released him just because he was going to be a distraction on the field. He also said that Mac Jones would have been really uncomfortable with him playing backup.

That’s what got people mad.

Cam Newton may not return to New England after this

It looks like Jones got a huge fanbase in New England. A lot of people stood in his defense saying that they are more than happy to have him at center.

New England got rid of the veteran following the third exhibition game against New York. He had an interception and Josh McDaniels had a little convo with him at the sideline. The rookie got the job and Newton was a bit frustrated.

The Patriots could have given him a chance to play backup. Would this be an ideal scenario for the veteran and his rookie teammate? Well, Newton is a popular guy and things would have taken a really strange direction. A former MVP playing backup? Not in this world. That’s absolutely outrageous.

Taking a shot at the rookie didn’t sit well with the crowds and this conversation with his dad may “kill” his chances to sign with another team. Some blame him for taking a shot at Jones, saying that he shouldn’t have thrown him under the bus.

I guess Jones doesn’t mind any of this. He is focused on the chance he was given. Being No.1 quarterback in McDaniels’ offense is a big deal. The rookie will try to get the best of his offense. Head coach Bill Belichick would love to see a young quarterback who does his best to win a Super Bowl.

Reminds you of someone? Some would say Jones is just like Tom Brady. He has the perfect skill set and his game is pretty sharp.

Patriots players like their younger player and he won’t have trouble binding with his new friends.