Patriots’ Reason For Cam Newton Dismissal Revealed

The New England Patriots had at least one reason to cut Cam Newton and the reason from his dismissal is making headlines these days. A lot of former players have shared their thoughts on Newton’s departure and they all believe that it has something to do with his vaccination status. The Patriots cut Newton and gave Mac Jones the keys to the offense.

The quarterback battle made people talk and it was the hottest topic this summer. Newton had a really good chance to win the competition this summer but the Patriots released him. It looks like the story of his release goes well beyond his vaccination status.

Former Patriots player Rob Ninkovich shared that Newton had hard time learning the playbook and Jones was actually helping him to learn it.

“From everything that I understand now, Mac was basically helping Cam learn the playbook,” claims the former Patriots linebacker. “Mac was having less mental errors and having a better understanding of the offense. We didn’t see Cam run any two-minute (drill), we didn’t see him run any no-huddle. You have to run no-huddle. That’s vital.”

Patriots had other reason to get rid of Cam Newton and his dismissal is here

Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk said that the COVID-19 immunization led to Newton’s departure.

“The source believes that a bunch of former Patriots players (such as Ninkovich) had a hard time with Tom Brady leaving and Cam Newton replacing Brady. Also, pointing to potential red herrings like playbook issues or distractions from music being played at practice cover up the basic truth. Cam was the starter until he failed to comply with a fairly basic aspect of the rule applicable to unvaccinated players. Thus, the decision to make him not the starter flowed directly from his vaccination status and the ever-present possibility that he won’t be available to play or to practice.”

We don’t really know if this is the only reason the Patriots had to part ways with the 2015 NFL MPV. Newton is an excellent player and he will probably spend some time on the open market. He went through the same before the Patriots added him in the summer of 2020. He will have to be a backup in 2021, because most teams have found their starters.