David Andrews Has Telling Admission on Mac Jones After Rookie Leads Patriots to Big Win

The New England Patriots won another game in the 2021 NFL season. Head coach Bill Belichick and his team won the game against the Houston Texans. It was a great comeback for the team as they were trailing the Texans throughout the entire game. Patriots veteran David Andrews praised Josh McDaniels’ offense and took some time to praise rookie quarterback Mac Jones.

Truth is, Jones is trying really hard to keep his starting position in New England. Belichick got him 15th overall in the 2015 NFL Draft and the kid is doing an exceptional job. He finished his Week 5 with 23 of 30 passes for 231 yards, one touchdown, and one interception.

“No. 10, he’s a tough son of a gun,” Andrews told the media. “So, hats off to him, too.”

David Andrews really likes Mac Jones

We all know that Jones earned the trust of his teammates. Patriots players are really confident about his game and he has excellent connection with each and every player.

“Quarterbacks, toughness maybe isn’t on display,” Andrews added. “Like, they’re not going around hitting people. But the kid stands in there, he makes throws. He takes hits. He’s never negative, especially after some of our performances here of late. He stands in there, he’s positive, he’s ready to go. He has our back. You get to play for a guy like that — that’s a great opportunity. It shows a lot of poise from a guy like that. He’s a great player. Great guy. Just the poise you’ve seen out of him these first four weeks. … What a great win for him.”

Patriots players weren’t perfect but they won the night and that’s the only thing that matters right now. They made some mistakes throughout the game but the big comeback was a good reward for their great effort.

Jones will continue impressing his teammates and coaches. He is just a rookie in the big NFL world and everyone has high expectations from him. He is definitely worth the effort. Other rookies aren’t that lucky in their first season in the NFL.