Patriots Fans Can’t Get Enough Of This Cool Tom Brady Mac Jones Video

Tom Brady left the New England Patriots and Mac Jones may be the best replacement for him as shown in this video. The first-rounder did an incredible job in the game against the New York Jets. New England won it and players celebrated a 54-13 win. It was great and head coach Bill Belichick even went to the sideline to shake everyone’s hands. Jones’ incredible game made everyone think of Brady. Someone even said that these two are really similar. Jones finished the night going 24 for 36 passes for 307 yards and a couple of touchdowns.

Jones is having a brilliant season and he almost beat Brady in Week 4. The rookie faced a big challenge early in his career and he was great. He was great in the game against the Jets, too. Head coach Belichick did a wonderful job in the 2021 NFL Draft. Jones was the right player to join the team. The rookie has a long way to go and he has to try really hard to pass Brady. But, he had a good start of his career and Belichick gave him the lead role for the season. Jones beat Cam Newton in the quarterback competition this summer.

Mac Jones reminds everyone of Tom Brady in a new video

One particular video compared Brady and Jones. We can see the rookie target Kendrick Bourne in the game against the Jets. TB12 targeted Mike Evans during their game against the Chicago Bears. These two players did an incredible job on the field and helped their respective teams win the games.

New England is on to the Los Angeles Chargers and Jones will have to show his dominance once again. The Patriots are motivated to win and they will sure win a lot of games this season. Let’s hope that the team won’t miss the playoffs again. Jones won’t let this happen. He came to New England to win games and he won’t let his rookie season turn into a mess. Let’s see how will Belichick’s starting quarterback handle the pressure later in the season.