Report: Patriots Sign Former Steelers Safety

The New England Patriots are winning games with a rookie quarterback at center. They have won two games so far in the regular season but things look really good for the team. The Patriots decided to sign safety Sean Davis to their practice unit on Wednesday.

Davis joined the Patriots for a workout and coaches really appreciate his potential and great skills. The 27-year-old can contribute to the team and they may use him in their upcoming game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Patriots decided to sign a safety for added boost

The 27-year-old safety made some stops around the NFL. He spent time on the Pittsburgh Steelers’ roster and also joined Washington, Cincinnati, and the Indianapolis Colts.

Zach Hicks of Stampede Blue had something to say about Davis right before he joined the Colts in 2021. According to him, Davis was at his best in 2017 and his career is “in a downward spiral” right now. Of course, he has great talent and the Patriots can use more of this.

“While his career does appear to be in a downward spiral at the moment, there are some things on film that immediately stand out in his game. He is one of those players who isn’t just a workout warrior, as his elite athleticism is apparent on film. Has excellent range, but is at his best when he can fly downhill and attack. He is great when it comes to the ability to click and close and is explosive and fast out of his breaks.”

The Patriots had some struggles in the first five games of the regular season, and Belichick won’t stop making changes to the roster. Signing a safety to his practice unit is the first move, and there are so many other options for the team.

Belichick is willing to try pretty much every talented player on the market. He will probably invite a few more players for workout.

The injury report is not really scary at this point and we will have to wait for Friday’s report to provide an update.