Rex Ryan Gives Brutally Honest Take On Mac Jones

Head coach Bill Belichick had words of praise for rookie quarterback Mac Jones following his great performance in the win over the Houston Texans. The rookie led the team to the 25-22 win despite the huge deficit. The Patriots trailed the Texans throughout most of the game but their comeback was huge. Jones had a big role and Belichick praised his efforts. Well, Rex Ryan didn’t quite like the performance Jones had last night. That’s not all. He roasted the first-rounder saying that the Texans should’ve won the game.

Ryan talked about this on Monday’s episode of ESPN’s Get Up. He is convinced that Houston was the better team and criticized Jones’ play. There’s more… Ryan actually insulted the Patriots rookie and fans won’t be really happy with this one.

“The Patriots won’t make the playoffs because they have a peashooter at quarterback. This team should’ve been beaten by the Houston Texans,” Rex Ryan said. “When the ball travels down the field more than 15 yards [in the air], it’s bad news for this guy. He’s like Danny Wuerffel.”

Rex Ryan made a mistake about Mac Jones

Most analysts wouldn’t agree with Ryan on this one. Jones wasn’t perfect and he is well aware of this. However, the rookie did a decent job and helped the Patriots overcome a huge deficit. His game was nice and Patriots center David Andrews praised his efforts. Jones finished the night with 23-of-30, a touchdown, and an interception. The rookie took full responsibility for the interception.

Analysts like the way Jones takes responsibility for each and every mistake he makes. The Patriots trusted him enough and he has actually helped the team win a couple of games. New England has 2-2 record at this point of the regular season. Jones is 23 and he had to lead the offense in a few challenging games. They played against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Facing Tom Brady was a big deal and the Patriots almost won the night.

Let’s see what happens in the next few games. Fans and analysts follow every move Jones make.