Watch: Patriots Score Wildcat Touchdown On Opening Drive Vs. Texans

The New England Patriots won’t give up without a good fight and their opening drive in the game vs the Houston Texans will be making headlines for a really long time. Head coach Bill Belichick prepared his team for the big fight and this is one of the most important games in the regular season. Of course, the most important game was the one against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their starting quarterback. Tom Brady beat his former team, and rookie quarterback Mac Jones won’t take another loss in the resume.

Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels decided to take a different approach in his Week 5 challenge. It was an encouraging step and Houston was hit with a TD. Star running back Damien Harris took a shotgun snap out of the Wildcat formula on the tenth play of the opening drive and went for a 1-yard touchdown against the opponent. I guess Texans players didn’t see this coming. McDaniels sure knows how to surprise opponents. He sure has a few more tricks in his pocket.

Patriots star finished the job in the opening drive vs Texans

Harris’ rushing touchdown was actually his second in the regular season. The Patriots scored on the opening drive for the first time this year and this is a good sign.

New England entered the game averaging 17.8 points per game.

Harris and Jones are here to boost that number and this Wildcat TD is definitely a pleasant surprise.

Injured Patriots running back James White was watching the game and his reaction was priceless.

Watching the Patriots win feels really great right now. They came at NRG stadium to win and they are going home like winners. This is definitely a good motivation for each and every player on Belichick’s roster.

New England won the game and has a 2-2 record in regular season. Not bad for a team led by a rookie, right? Jones will get even more fans following this win. It’s not like he didn’t try really hard last week. He was incredible in the regular season and Belichick made a good decision to get him. This was probably the biggest move in the offseason. The first-rounder is a star.