Kobe Bryant Lawsuit Reaches Boiling Point Following Shocking Allegations Against LA County

The Kobe Bryant lawsuit against the LA County has reached a boiling point with new shocking allegations against them. The judge overseeing the case has denied the county’s request for psychiatric observation. This is a huge win for the Vanessa Bryant camp who were arguing against this request.

The whole case has not been stopping as of now and in fact, seems to be moving quite quickly. Now, Vanessa has come out with even more accusations against the county. Now, Vanessa is arguing that the county destroyed evidence of the crash site and tried to cover up what they were doing from the start.

Unsurprisingly, the county is denying all of these claims and came out with a statement on the accusations. Obviously, they will do whatever they can to protect themselves. But these are some interesting claims from Vanessa and her lawyers.

Kobe Bryant Lawsuit Reaches Boiling Point Following Shocking Allegations Against LA County

“Sheriff Villanueva was keeping his promise to Bryant by making sure no photos got out,” the county said.

“The deputies, on and before January 30, 2020, deleted the photos from their phones — months before this dispute. Within two days, LASD interviewed 28 deputies, reserve deputies, sergeants, and civilian volunteers. The department determined that all personnel who had taken, shared, or received crash site photos had, in fact, deleted them. No one had sent a photo to anyone outside LASD.”

“If Defendants had the photos and all the relevant cellphones, they could conclusively establish that the photos were crash site photos taken for legitimate reasons by hardworking first responders at an extremely challenging scene,” the county stated. “Defendants would also be able to show that the photos were never sent to anyone outside of the County, and that they were deleted.”

Vanessa’s side shot back at this.

“By destroying evidence instead of preserving it to conduct a proper investigation, Defendants have prevented Plaintiffs from discovering how many other people saw graphic photos of their loved ones’ dead bodies,” said Jennifer Bryant, Vanessa Bryant’s lawyer.

Vanessa, in a private meeting with Sheriff Villanueva, asked him to keep the area secure.

“If you can’t bring my husband and baby back, please make sure no one takes photographs of them. Please secure the area.”