LeBron James Reacts to Bronny Copying His Chalk Toss

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James couldn’t be happier for his son. Bronny got the good genes and his basketball skills are insane. That’s not all. Bronny seems to be developing some crazy habits and he follows his father’s footsteps, and this chalk toss is the best proof of that.

LeBron will be remembered for his rings, incredible basketball IQ, and of course, the iconic chalk toss. The four-time NBA champion likes to do his pre-game ritual in front of spectators in arenas. This chalk toss is part of his great career. I mean, he has been doing this for a couple of decades.

If you ask the king about it, he will say that he doesn’t remember the first time he started doing it. However, he sure knows that fans embraced his ritual. This is his way of setting up his mind and getting focused on his task.

Bronny to do more than his chalk toss ritual

The all-time great will soon surpass NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Guess what… Bronny plans to do the same. The kid likes the way his father decorated his career.

Bronny attends Sierra Canyon School and yes, he makes crazy headlines with his game. LeBron doesn’t miss an opportunity to coach his son and help him overcome any obstacles.

The young king is trending on social media now. He is doing his dad’s iconic chalk toss and his father approves!

Bronny is making a name for himself. He has already been on the cover of Sports Illustrated with FaZe Clan, just like his dad. King James is the youngest athlete to be on the SI cover, and Bronny is here to copy his moves. In a good way, of course.

LeBron’s son is one of the best prospects of the class. He has attracted the attention of many people. LeBron will make sure his son gets the best opportunities out there. The kid is really talented and he will definitely have a great future in the NBA. Will LeBron share the same court with his son? That’s his greatest wish.