Report: Identity of LeBron James Halloween Clone Revealed

LeBron James has a clone. No, don’t go into your favorite sci-fi scenario. This has nothing to do with lab work or something. Something strange happened during the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets.

Did someone find a time-traveling machine? Let’s just say this “surprise” happened at the right time.

Designer Patrick Christopher came up with the perfect Halloween costume. The kid from Akron couldn’t ignore this.

In the second quarter of the game against Houston, the designer was caught on cameras. It was definitely great to see him and LeBron in the same frame.

LeBron James knows his clone really well

The image was all over social media. LeBron had a hilarious reaction to this image. Seeing his clone was definitely brilliant.

This designer has been great friend with LeBron. So, he is not just any person. He took to his Instagram stories to deliver a big message for LeBron.

He wrote, “Bron, all of this has my phone blowing up bro… Call my people for ‘Space Jam 3′”

Here’s a fun fact. Christopher came to the arena to watch his brother play his ball. He and Rockets rookie guard Joshua Christopher are brothers. Hilarious, right?

Christopher has a history on NBA courts as well. He tried his best to play his best basketball and build excellent career. Talented Christopher joined the Utah Jazz but only lasted four games. He suffered career-ending knee injury. His basketball career was brought to an end, but this won’t stop him from watching his brother play.

Basketball didn’t work, so Christopher tried his chances somewhere else. Being part of the world of fashion turned out to be a good idea. He has his own fashion line and “Sloan and Bennett” has great success.

When it comes to LeBron, he and his teammates are doing a good job. The Lakers started winning games and they look like a team that could win the championship this season. LA entered the regular season as contender and NBA analysts have great predictions for the team.