LeBron James Makes Unexpected Decision Following Lakers’ Blowout Loss to Nuggets

The Los Angeles Lakers struggled in the loss to the game to the Denver Nuggets. It was a terrible game for the team and LA was caught in the middle of another losing streak. LeBron James was more than frustrated following the blowout loss. The four-time NBA champion was so frustrated that he didn’t even talk to the media.

Yes, we all know that LeBron likes to address pretty much every topic related to the game. He loves the game and gets really excited every time his team wins a game. Not this time. The Lakers finished the night as losers and everyone was super annoyed.

LeBron James was frustrated after the blowout loss

A lot of analysts thought that the Lakers were getting huge improvement in the final days of December and earlier this month. However, the loss to the Nuggets was a big blow for the team. It was like putting salt to injury. LA won four straight games and then lost three. LeBron and Co. lost the games to the Memphis Grizzlies, Sacramento Kings, and Nikola Jokic’s Nuggets.

The four-time NBA champion really wanted to challenge Jokic and beat him in the MVP competition. Well, the Joker go the best of the game. LA really struggled during the game. Jokic was able to lead his team to a win and finished the night with a triple-double.

Jokic wasn’t the only great player on the roster. Nah’Shon Hyland delivered 27 points and 10 rebounds. Jeff Green added 26 points too. Nuggets starters scored triple-doubles during the game. LA couldn’t beat that.

LeBron and his teammates tried to remain close to the Nuggets, but it didn’t happen. LeBron scored 25 points and Russell Westbrook added 19. LA finished the game with a 96-138 loss and there was nothing players could do about this.

The Lakers have a 21-22 record at this point. They are playing against the Utah Jazz on Monday. Denver has a 22-19 record and they are also playing the Jazz, but their game is on Sunday. It’s a long season after all…