Watch: Russell Westbrook Sarcastically Laughs at Reporter Who Suggests He is The Point Guard

Los Angeles Lakers veteran Russell Westbrook laughs every time a reporter asks silly question. He is not really a fan of the media and his relationship with reporters has been making headlines for a really long time. He can easily lose his temper when things go terribly wrong.

The latest “incident” is related to his role with the Lakers. The team lists Westbrook as a starting point guard. Well, he has something to say about this. If you ask Westbrook about his point guard role, he will laugh at you. Pure sarcasm.

So, why did Westbrook laugh? Some say he is unhappy with his role with the Lakers while others suggest that he is unhappy with his current game. Well, he is Russell Westbrook and his relationship with the media is far from great. That’s all.

This was definitely bizarre. It was awkward. The Lakers lost a game and postgame press conferences are always awkward. Players are not in the mood of talking. The same goes to coaches.

Russell Westbrook laughs at the reporter for a reason

Westbrook’s future with the Lakers may be hanging in the air. Several sources suggest that the Lakers have inquired about trading Broddie. The same source revealed that LeBron James and Anthony Davis interviewed a lot of star players because they were looking for someone to lighten their workload. What does that mean?

The Lakers already have Broddie. The team traded Kyle Kuzma, Montrezl Harrell, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to the Washington Wizards to get Westbrook. It was a big trade but Rob Pelinka was really confident about the player. We all know that Westbrook is one of the most competitive players in the NBA. He did have some struggles early in the season. He struggled to fit in the roster. Shaquille O’Neal even said that Broddie wasn’t the third player behind LeBron and AD. It was a bit too harsh, right?

There’s a catch. Broddie has great stats. He can’t win a game all by himself. LeBron is here and he likes his teammate. These two will work really hard to keep the team afloat and AD will soon return.