Rob Pelinka Explains What Happened At The Trade Deadline

The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t make a big splash these days. NBA analysts predicted big changes for the team, but the front office didn’t trade or sign new names. Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka discussed the situation surrounding the trade deadline. Why didn’t they trade Russell Westbrook or anyone else?

“Ultimately we didn’t find a deal that had a net positive effect for the short term success of the team and the long term, and those are both things we consider,” Pelinka said.

I guess this is related to the offer the Houston Rockets made. They offered John Wall while trading for Westbrook and a first-round pick. Oh, no, the Lakers didn’t want to give up on their first-rounder. A first-round pick would be a game-changer for the team at this point. LeBron James is aging and LA may consider reshaping the squad.

Rob Pelinka was quiet at the trade deadline

Westbrook was added to pretty much every trade rumor. His struggles added fuel to the fire and many thought that the front office will get rid of him ahead of the trade deadline. Westbrook didn’t bond with his teammates and fans had a few good reasons to hope for his departure.

The Lakers didn’t change the roster, which probably means that they will finish the season with this squad.

Reports reveal that the Rockets contacted LA, but negotiations got stuck in the middle of nowhere. Lakers players may not be doing a good job at the moment but they will keep trying. They have to keep trying otherwise their season will end a little sooner than expected.

Westbrook is not the only player to leave the Lakers through a trade. The same goes to Trevor Ariza, Kendrick Nunn, and Talen Horton-Tucker.

Lakers players struggled with injuries and COVID. It is a long season and things may take a better turn for the team. LA owns the ninth seed in the Western Conference. LeBron and Davis have to stay healthy. Their teammates lost most of the games they played in their absence.