Former Patriots 1st-Round Pick Drawing Interest From Dolphins

Sony Michel is having visits with the New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins. Several sources reveal that he has attracted the attention of several teams. Michel is an incredible player, but he is off to a fresh start. The former Patriots first-round pick may soon end up with the Dolphins.

Head coach Bill Belichick got Michel with the 31st overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. He spent the first three seasons of his NFL career with the Patriots and they sent him to the Los Angeles Rams. The Patriots received a fifth and sixth-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. Michel wasn’t the No.1 back in Los Angeles, but had a good role with the team. In 2021, Michel had 208 carries for 845 yards and four touchdowns. He also had 21 catches for 128 yards.

Michel is prone to injuries and had trouble unleashing his full potential. He is really talented, but has yet to surpass 1,000 yards rushing. Let’s see if he hits a milestone next season. The Dolphins like him a lot and are willing to give him a chance.

NFL world respects the former Patriots first-round pick, Dolphins want him

Rams star quarterback Matthew Stafford has nothing but words of praise for Michel and his performance.

“He’s just an experienced back. He has played in big-time football in college, big-time football in the pros, played in huge games,” reported Cameron DaSilva for USA Today. “He’s an experienced guy. He understands what it takes to perform at a high level, in the NFL. So, I’m excited to have him. He has got a lot to learn. He knows that and then I’m going to do everything I can to work with him – whether it’s extra meetings or whatever – just to try to get him up to speed so he can be somebody that helps us out on the game day.”

Michel has earned a ring with the Patriots and Rams. Will he add a few more to his collection? He has the potential. His availability may be an issue, but his talent is amazing. NFL experts made predictions on his next move and most of them could see Michel sign a deal with the Dolphins.