3-Team Blockbuster Trade Proposal Lands Lakers All-Star Klutch Client

Another blockbuster trade proposal knocked on the door of Los Angeles Lakers General Manager Rob Pelinka. The Lakers are coming off of a bad season and the front office is set to make a lot of changes. Russell Westbrook is really close to the trade block, but the team may decide to keep him for another season.

The Lakers has been looking for a trade partner, but most offers included Westbrook and a future first-round pick. This was a big “no” for the team, because they need this first-rounder to reshape the roster in the future.

Blockbuster trade supports Lakers roster

Nick Wright from First Things First offered a nice proposal. According to him, the Lakers should call the Brooklyn Nets and trade Westbrook for Ben Simmons. The Nets aren’t in the best position either. They entered the regular season with high hopes and even built a Big 3. It didn’t work. Kyrie Irving didn’t play due to COVID protocols and James Harden signed with another team.

“What about a different trade for a Net, that hasn’t actually played for the Nets,” Wright said. “Rumor is he always wanted to be in Los Angeles. We don’t know if he will ever play for the Nets. And maybe it’s a three-way trade and maybe the Nets do re-up Kyrie, and they say you know what, we are not comfortable having long-term deals in place for Kyrie and Ben Simmons. Two gigantic wildcards. Is there some type of Ben Simmons for Russell Westbrook and some picks out there?”

Simmons is an excellent player and he could be of great help for LeBron James and Anthony Davis. He is a bit pricey and the Nets aren’t really hyped about getting Westbrook. Simmons is young and has better performance at the moment. That’s why Wright threw the Indiana Pacers in the mix.

“Kyrie is there, a third team is involved,” Wright added. “For example, what you’re saying about the Pacers. It’s [Malcolm] Brogdon and [Buddy] Hield to Brooklyn, Ben Simmons to Los Angeles, and Russell Westbrook and picks from both teams to Indiana. Brooklyn throws in some of them picks they got from Philly, Los Angeles throws in their own picks.”

Simmons makes sense for so many reasons. He is a Klutch Sports client. We all know what that means. Simmons would bond with both LeBron and Davis with minimum effort.