Russell Westbrook Advised to Accept Major Change: ‘If Not, Career Ends’

The Los Angeles Lakers may keep Russell Westbrook on the roster, but he will have to make one major change to make things work. Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka didn’t trade Brodie for a few good reasons. Darvin Ham steps in as a replacement for Frank Vogel and his hiring may be a game-changer for the purple and gold.

Chris Mannix from Sports Illustrated discussed Brodie’s future with the Lakers. According to him, Westbrook can thrive in LA, but he will have to switch positions.

“If Darvin Ham is being told unequivocally that Russell Westbrook will be part of this team,” Mannix said on an episode of the Dan Patrick Show. “To me, his first order of business is sitting down with Russell Westbrook and saying, ‘Russ, you can extend your career by five years if you become a sixth man.’ Look at some of the guys that have done it, the Jamal Crawford, the players of that ilk…If he doesn’t become a sixth man or become more of a role player?

“His career ends after this season, simple as that. Nobody’s going to sign him to be a starter in this league. But if he’s willing to make that transition, he’s willing to make that turn. He could have a five, or six-year career cause he could still play well against second-unit type of guys.”

Will Russell Westbrook change after the major change?

Westbrook joined the Lakers through a blockbuster trade. However, he didn’t meet expectations. Why did Pelinka keep him on the Lakers roster? It seems like the Lakers will exercise Westbrook’s player option.

“The Lakers are tuning out the skeptics yet again and insisting to anyone who will listen that they would rather keep Russell Westbrook on the roster for next season than surrender additional assets to convince someone to trade for him,” Marc Stein wrote. “The Lakers are also said to be adamant that they won’t release the former MVP and eat his $47.1 million player option for next season after Westbrook picks it up.”

Pelinka wouldn’t give up on a first-round pick because he needs top picks to reshape the roster. Anthony Davis and LeBron James won’t stay in LA forever. The Lakers will have to plan their future and avoid making similar mistakes. The last couple of seasons were terrible and Vogel was sacrificed. What’s next?