2 Patriots Starters May Be in Danger of Losing Their Jobs

The New England Patriots welcomed some of their veterans back. Head coach Bill Belichick won a lot of games thanks to these players. They are expected to continue doing their job. Well, it seems like two Patriots starters may lose their jobs to other players.

Malcolm Butler joined the team after spending some time away from the franchise. He did a wonderful job back in the days and Belichick trusts his potential. The same goes to Damien Harris. Both players will have yet to secure their positions.

Patriots starters to lose jobs to younger players

The Patriots had an opportunity to watch Rhamondre Stevenson do his thing, and yes, he liked it. Stevenson can easily steal Harris’ job. The veteran is coming off of a good season, but Stevenson has shown some insane skills. In his rookie season, Stevenson rushed for 606 yards on 133 rushes and 5 touchdowns. He can easily pass Harris’ 929 and 15.

Harris faces threats from several sources. The Patriots selected two running backs in the draft and this makes us believe that Harris is not a long-term solution for the team. Belichick may decide to trade Harris to another team and give younger players an opportunity to shine.

Butler is a brilliant player, but this training camp is really important for him. He spent an entire season outside the field and came back to join the Patriots. Is he a good fit for the team? His break may affect his game. Belichick is watching Terrance Mitchell, Jalen Mills, Jack Jones, Jonathon Jones, Joejuan Williams, and Marcus Jones. If these players contribute to the game, Butler won’t be a top priority.

New England has a really strong roster this season. Belichick will sure make a few more moves heading into the new season. Trade some of his veterans? Why not? Let’s see what happens next in Foxboro. A lot of things will change after training camp. DeVante Parker is a brilliant player and he has shown promising performance in camp. Belichick got himself a strong receiver and this may be the best part of the new roster.