Proposed Blockbuster Trade Pairs Lakers LeBron James With $196 Million Superstar

NBA fans won’t be surprised to hear about the latest blockbuster trade involving the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James. No, Jeanie Buss won’t trade her superstar. She may actually pair him with a top player.

The Lakers have been linked to the Brooklyn Nets for quite some time. LeBron would gladly join forces with Kyrie Irving once again, but it seems like he may play with Irving’s teammate. Will LeBron and Kevin Durant survive on the same team?

Andy Bailey of Bleacher report has a suggestion for LA. According to him, the Lakers should send AD to Brooklyn and get KD.

“Davis is four years younger, but his injury history isn’t much more encouraging than Durant’s,” Bailey said. “And as LeBron James edges closer to retirement, the move should be surrounding him with more shooting…The title window for a team with LeBron and Durant wouldn’t be open for too long, but it would be wide open. Assuming availability (a big assumption, for sure), an offense with LeBron operating in the middle of the floor and flanked by Durant and Irving would be a nightmare.”

Proposed trade may help the Lakers give LeBron James the teammate he needs

Durant is one of the better players in the NBA. He requested a trade from the Nets and now he is meeting with Joe Tsai.

“What I’m hearing is that KD is going to meet with the owner this week. He’s going to go directly to the owner, Joe Tsai, sometime this week. We’ll see how that works…” Steve Bulpett reported. “’I don’t know. I have no idea what’s going to come of that meeting. There are some things that KD is unhappy about, and I’m not sure any of that gets fixed here. But maybe it does’.”

Durant missed a lot of time due to an injury. AD is missing games throughout the entire season. He is prone to injuries. He is younger than Durant and the Nets may take this into consideration. We have a feeling that LeBron will continue pushing for Irving. He knows the guy and this trade makes sense for him.