Patriots Mac Jones Injury Update: Latest on QB’s Back Injury

The New England Patriots lost the game to the Miami Dolphins and this is not the only problem the team deals with. Quarterback Mac Jones sustained an injury and fans are waiting for an injury update. Will Jones miss time?

Head coach Bill Belichick knew that his team has issues, but he left plenty of room for improvement. Jones and his teammates finished their Week 1 game with a 20-7 record. It was a bad record, but hey, this loss won’t put a spell on their season. It’s just a beginning of a long season. Players have enough time to improve and fix the damage.

Will Jones miss time?

Mac Jones didn’t provide injury report after the game

The Alabama quarterback sustained a back injury and even did x-rays at the end of the game. Jones was on the floor the whole time, but missed the post-game press conference with the media. I guess Belichick didn’t want him to talk too much about the injury. The Patriots head coach knows that reporters can ask too many questions and he’d never let players reveal too much information.

Tom Pelissero reported that Jones’ X-rays were negative. However, the Patriots quarterback will do a MRI in New England. Belichick can’t lose his quarterback to an injury at this point and the Patriots have to avoid bigger damage. When it comes to Jones’ session with the media, he will be answering questions on Monday and Wednesday. It seems like there’s no room for panic.

The Patriots will meet the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 2. Let’s see if Jones is healthy enough to lead the team to a win. The offense deals with so many issues right now and Jones’ injury was the final piece of the puzzle.

The Dolphins did their thing and finished the game with a win. They didn’t have more advantage than the Patriots, but the results didn’t go in favor of Belichick’s team.  Patriots players had a chance to respond, but didn’t do so. This loss will motivate the team to try harder in Week 2.