Hall of Fame QB Shares Message on Mac Jones, Patriots’ ‘Hard Position to Fill’

Hall of Fame QB Troy Aikman shared his thoughts on the situation in New England and made a mind-blowing comment about Mac Jones and his future with the team. Bill Belichick did his best to make things work for every player and coach on his team. Josh McDaniels left the Patriots to coach the Las Vegas Raiders and Aikman believes this is the biggest challenge for Jones.

According to Aikman, Jones has the potential to win games in the NFL. He even compared him to the GOAT! Jones has a lot to offer, but Aikman listed the biggest problem he deals with right now.

“It seemed like him and Josh [McDaniels] had a really great relationship,” Aikman said. “And that becomes hard because there’s so much that happens within a game, within a practice; there’s frustration, the quarterback’s taking the heat, they’re not doing this — to have a guy you can really confide in, there’s so much to that relationship that doesn’t show up on a stat sheet or even on game day. That’s going to be a hard position to fill, and a hard position for Mac to get comfortable.”

Hall of Fame QB motivates Mac Jones to do better in 2022

Jones and McDaniels established an excellent relationship. The former Patriots OC helped him unleash his potential and fit in the offensive system. McDaniels is gone now and Jones will have to work with another coach.

Belichick didn’t name an offensive coordinator this summer. Matt Patricia and Joe Judge will have to do the job, but they may not have the potential to replace McDaniels. These two have experience, but the new challenge may be too much for them.

Jones doesn’t pay much attention to outside noise. He plans to give his best in 2022 and that’s the only thing that matters right now. McDaniels’ absence may motivate him to have another excellent season as a Patriots quarterback. Jones was wonderful in his first season with the team, leading the Patriots to a seven-game winning streak. It wasn’t bad, but he can do much better than that.