Bill Belichick Sends Message At Spicy Media Session

The New England Patriots are playing against the Detroit Lions on Sunday, but the media showed more interest in another topic. Head coach Bill Belichick had to answer awkward questions from the media and yes, he used the opportunity to deliver a message. Why is everyone still asking questions about Matt Patricia’s role with the team?

“How do you think Matt [Patricia] has done with the responsibilities that he has offensively, calling plays especially, looks like that’s what he’s doing on the sidelines,” a reporter asked.

“Again, we talk about the entire offensive staff. So, I wouldn’t characterize it quite the way you did — but that’s fine,” Belichick responded.

“Just so we’re getting it right, should we not be calling him the play-caller,” the reporter asked again.

Belichick: “Call him whatever you want.”

Reporter: “How would you characterize it?”

Belichick: “I’ve already characterized it.”

Reporter: “Who is calling the offensive plays?”

Belichick: “We’ve talked about this ad nauseam. Maybe we could take notes this time and just say that I’m responsible for all of it, which is what I’ve said from Day 1. That’s what I continue to say, there hasn’t been any change in that. I’m responsible for what is called and what’s done on the field.”

Bill Belichick warns the media with a big message

Belichick is not into titles. He just wants everyone to do their job. That’s all. Patricia doesn’t have to be named a play-caller to do his job after all.

Belichick is a big fan of his assistant. He wouldn’t change Patricia for anything in this world. He has a reason to trust his skills. Some analysts say that Patricia shouldn’t even hold a position in Belichick’s coaching staff.

The Patriots head coach wouldn’t say too much about his assistant. He is focused on the upcoming game and that’s the only thing that matters right now.

The Patriots have three losses in their chart and now they play the Lions. Detroit has huge holes on the roster and will meet Belichick without some of the key players, but it doesn’t change that the fact that this is a really big game for both teams.