Patriots Star Sends Bold Message To NFL: ‘Leave Me The F Alone’

Matthew Judon has something to say about random drug tests done by the NFL. The New England Patriots star shocked the NFL world with his most recent comments about the situation in the league. Let’s just say Judon is a bit frustrated.

So, what caused his frustration? NFL officials informed Judon that he has been “selected for Performance Enhancing Substance test”. The Patriots player tagged the NFL Players Association and the league in his response. He just wants them to leave him alone. Yes, there was an F-bomb, too.

Judon has a huge role on the 2022 Patriots roster. He is a building block on the Patriots defense and coaches trust his potential.

The Patriots star has a good NFL season

Head coach Bill Belichick has a few good reasons to trust Judon. The Patriots offered him a four-year deal in 2021 and the veteran will get $54 million. Judon was given a great chance and he became the best pass rusher and defender.

The Patriots rely on Judon this season. He contributed to the game and NFL experts predict a good season. Judon is coming off of a good season. In 2021, he made his third Pro Bowl and delivered 12.5 sacks which is also his career-high. Fun fact? He is doing much better this season. In 13 games with the Patriots, Judon has 14.5 sacks. He will probably hit at least 19 this season.

Judon has a good chance to break Andre Tippett’s single-season franchise record for sacks. In 1984, Tippett had 18.5 sacks.

The Patriots had some struggles throughout the season, and experts place the blame on coaches. The team has a new offensive plan, but players struggle to deliver the performance everyone hopes to see. It’s a long season after all and the Patriots have enough time to fix the mistakes players made a few weeks ago. There’s no room for panic now and everything seems to be falling in the right place.