Bill Belichick Found Himself On ‘Hot Seat’ Entering 2023 Season

The Kraft family decided to trust Bill Belichick and he ditched the New York Jets to join the Patriots organization. It was a good decision and the legendary head coach helped the team make nine Super Bowl appearances and win three titles. Belichick established himself as the best head coach in league history, but there are people saying he is on the “hot seat” entering the 2023 NFL season.

Belichick is all-in when it comes to winning and he knows how to build monster rosters. Yes, the Patriots selected a few “mistakes” in the last few seasons, but Belichick built a strong dynasty. He is a true leader and his work ethic is… mind-blowing. There are no days off and Patriots players are required to be 100% on the football field. Some players cannot copy with the Patriot Way, while others thrive perfectly.

Is Belichick on the hot seat heading into 2023 because of Tom Brady?

Things turn unexpected turn when Belichick lost his top player. Tom Brady was a star within the Patriots organization for two decades. He established himself as the greatest quarterback of all time and losing him was a big blow for the Patriots. Brady’s departure triggered an avalanche of comments and a huge discussion. Did Belichick become the best head coach just because he had Brady on his roster? The Patriots haven’t made the big game Brady’s last season with the team.

Brady is the GOAT, but Belichick is the GOAT among all NFL coaches. It’s an endless discussion and we could all agree that they both did wonders in their part of the game.

Ryan Glasspiegel from the New York Post made a shocking claim, suggesting that Kraft may have lost his patience with Belichick. According to him, “Kraft is said to be getting impatient that the team has not had a playoff win in the last four seasons.”

Patriots insider Tom Curran was among the first to bring the shocking claim up. He told Rich Eisen that the Patriots head coach is “on the hot seat, and he’s been there at different levels of warmth since 2019.”

Brady left the Patriots to sign with the Tamp Bay Buccaneers. He won a ring in his first season with the team, adding fuel to the fire. Belichick, on the other hand, continued building great teams, but the Patriots didn’t have any success winning a playoff game.

Belichick also made some changes in the coaching staff, placing Matt Patricia as head of offense. Patricia, a defensive coach, didn’t have the best success at this position. Losing Josh McDaniels was another big blow for the Patriots, but Belichick seems to have the situation under control.