Pacers’ Myles Turner Heaps Praise On Lakers’ LeBron James

LeBron James has been in the spotlight from the very first moment he entered the NBA and Myles Turner knows it best. The four-time NBA champion is the greatest basketball player of all time. He’s been a dominant force over the years, and yes, young players have a lot to learn from him. LeBron will be making headlines for a really long time.

The Indiana Pacers center has nothing but words of praise for the Lakers superstar. Turner is well aware that LeBron is the smartest basketball player on this planet. He has never confronted anyone like him before. LeBron’s IQ has shocked even the greatest basketball minds.

“You’re just witnessing greatness,” Turner said on the “Run Your Race” podcast on September 12. “F*** you mean? … One of the smartest m************ I have ever played against. “His influence on the game is crazy. His vision — people don’t talk about his vision enough.”

Turner praised LeBron, respects his IQ

LeBron hits a new milestone every time he hits the court. He passed Kareem-Abdul Jabbar for first in the all-time scoring list. His game is sharp and he has been sitting on the throne for a really long time.

King James delivered a MVP performance each season. Age has nothing on him and his numbers are strong. The Lakers got him for a reason and they won’t let him go that easily.

“He doesn’t have to score to be effective,” Turner said. “That’s why he’s able to be in the league as old as he is today bro he sees things before it happens.”

Turner had great words for LeBron’s basketball IQ as well. It is interesting how LeBron can scan players and predict their next move!

The Lakers trusted LeBron a few years ago and he will be their leader until he passes the torch to someone else. Will AD take it? It’s a whole different topic and we wouldn’t even go into that one.