Patriots 3-Time Champion Ty Law Details Beef Over Tom Brady Celebration

The New England Patriots will honor Tom Brady with a nice celebration during their season opener against the Philadelphia Eaglies and Ty Law is not too happy about it.

According to Law, the Patriots should never ever pick the Eagles to honor the GOAT. He made some bold comments during his appearance on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show” on Thursday, September 7.

“Let me put this on record: If this was really planned out right, you don’t pick the Philadelphia Eagles to honor Tom Brady,” Law said. “It’s like going to college for the homecoming — you pick the team you’re supposed to win, in my opinion. I wouldn’t have picked Philly.”

TB12 doesn’t have any great memories with the Eagles. They made the Super Bowl last season and Brady couldn’t help his team beat Philadelphia in 2018.

Law believes that the Patriots are motivated to win the game. NFL analysts wouldn’t really bet on Belichick and his current team, but Law can see them win this one.

“I’m saying we’re going to feed off the energy of Tom Brady,” Law said on “The Greg Hill Show” on Thursday. “If Tom Brady was not coming, I wouldn’t be comfortable picking the Patriots even though that’s my team. I’m always going for them. But because Tom Brady’s coming, there’s going to be so much energy there. Hopefully, Tom can go in there and talk to the team and get them ready to rock and roll. I know [Bill] Belichick is always going to be prepared to have a good game plan. It’s up to those guys to go out there and make no excuses and play lights-out football. I think that energy will come from Tom Brady, so they can squeak one out.”

Law expected huge celebration for Brady

Law didn’t reveal much about the upcoming ceremony, but has high expectations from the team. Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time and he sure deserves this ceremony.

“I’m not hearing too much about anything when it comes to what they’re going to do, what the program is,” Law explained. “I was hoping with all of that construction, I was hoping to see a statue or something, I think that man deserves a statue like the great ones, like the Michael Jordan’s, the Kobe’s, like what they do up in L.A. I really was hoping to see something like that. I’m just throwing it out there, I don’t know. As far as run of show, they’re not telling anyone.”