Lakers’ Superstar LeBron James Enters Karl Malone Epic Triple-Double Club Vs. Kings

LeBron James is all-in when it comes to taking the Los Angeles Lakers to a win. He joined the storied franchise to extend his legacy and yes, many believe that he still has a lot to offer. LeBron is the best player to ever play the game and age has nothing on him. He will turn 39 in December and this is his 21st season in the NBA. Well, LeBron doesn’t even bother answering questions about his age and he has just entered the Karl Malone era.

LeBron and the Lakers went against the Sacramento Kings and lost the game. However, the four-time NBA champion showed his dominant side once again. LeBron won’t give up without a good fight and neither will his teammates.

LeBron channels his inner Karl Malone

EPSN Stats & Info reported that LeBron is the second-oldest player in NBA history to deliver a triple-double. If LeBron continues playing at this level, he will grab the record from Malone. He has been defying Father Time for quite some time now and we have a good reason to believe that LeBron won’t call it career in the near future.

King James played 35 minutes against the Kinds, delivering 28 points and 11 assists. It wasn’t enough as Kings players were fire. They scored great numbers in the game and performed at a high level in each minute of the game.

Lakers players suffered a 110-125 loss to the Kings and this defeat will be their big lesson for the upcoming game. They have to gear up and try to avoid making similar mistakes. Beating the Memphis Grizzlies was an easy shot for the team and they should continue playing at this level. It’s all about having fun on the basketball court. Everyone has to do what they know best. Play and win. LA made the Western Conference Finals last season and they have a solid chance to do the same again. It may not go easy, but it is not supposed to be easy.