Patriots’ QB Bailey Zappe Bold Promise To Bill Belichick If He Gets Starting Chance

Mac Jones has the starting QB job with the New England Patriots, but Bailey Zappe looks like someone who would gladly have this position. Is he the right player to lead the Patriots? Both players have struggled to perform this season and their stats are disappointing.

The Patriots lost their ninth game for the season, reaching a new low. It was a disappointing night for every player on Bill Belichick’s roster.

Zappe stepped in as a replacement for Jones again, fueling each rumor about the quarterback situation in New England. Belichick hasn’t changed his mind about this position and Jones is still his starting quarterback.

Zappe would love to be starting QB

The chance to perform in a regular season game for the fourth time this season motivated Zappe to make a big promise. Reporters asked him questions about his performance on the field and Zappe didn’t hide his desire to get a chance and start a game.

“That’s Coach Belichick’s decision,” Zappe said when asked if he’d like to be a starter for the Patriots. “If I start, I’m going to do everything I can like I have the past times I’ve started and try to go out there and win.”

Zappe saw action in the second half of the game. Jones had two interceptions in the first half and the Giants had a 7-0 lead. Belichick decided to stir things up and used his backup quarterback.

The Patriots have nothing to lose now and Belichick may actually give his backup quarterback a chance to start the next few games. If this happens, Zappe will do his best to fit in the new role.

“Yeah, that’d be great,” Zappe said when reporters asked if he’d like to get full reps in practice if he was to get the starting QB position. “But that’s Coach Belichick’s decision. Whatever he decides, if he wants to do — whatever. I’ll do whatever he says.”

We have a feeling that Zappe’s comments will actually motivate Jones to put a decent end to his third season with the Patriots.