LeBron James Gives Eye-Opening Lakers Assessment: ‘I Have No Idea’

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers had a slow start to the regular season. However, they regained control over their performance and beat most of their opponents. Players seem to have good chemistry, but we’d all agree that there is always room for improvement. Lakers head coach Darvin Ham has been experimenting with his squad. What’s next for the franchise?

“I have no idea what we are,” LeBron said after the loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. “How? We don’t have a group yet.”

Ham could switch players to make a change and avoid another similar loss.

“We’re missing pretty much all our length right now, with Cam and obviously Vando, Rui, Jax out, obviously,” LeBron said. “Gabe as well. These are five, these are rotational guys in our unit. It’s hard to make that up.”

LeBron and his Lakers players have a lot to offer

The Lakers had a lot of great wins, but hey need to work on their consistency. They need to strengthen the game plan and avoid making big mistakes.

“I know what some of us individually are,” LeBron added. “But as far as the team, we don’t have our group yet. We haven’t logged enough minutes with our group where we know, like, ‘OK, we know we got the starting group, we got the guys coming in, we got  good rhythm, like …’ I’m happy, I mean, we’re over .500. We’re 11-9 with not ever having our same group. That’s pretty impressive.”

Lakers players have shown great strength on both ends of the ball. Their defense is strong and hopefully, we will see an even greater improvement in the next few games.

“No matter who has been in the lineup, we have been able to go out there and compete, no matter who’s coming in, who’s number has been called, guys who have been starters, going to the bench, guys who have gotten a lot of minutes or didn’t get a lot of minutes,” LeBron said. “We have still tried to, win lose or draw, just go out and play our game.”