LeBron James Turns Heads With Cryptic Post Amid Lakers Trade Speculation

LeBron James knows how to make people talk and his latest post is definitely adding fire to Lakers trade rumors. The four-time NBA champion shared a cryptic post following the loss to the Atlanta Hawks. His hourglass emoji could be anything. Is he announcing a trade from LA? Are the Lakers parting ways with the head coach? Are they trading a top player?

King James did a decent job in the loss. He finished the night with 30 points, nine rebounds, eight assists, one block, and one steal. Was he happy with this performance? Of course not. He was also not happy about the fact that his team deals with random losses served by weaker teams.

“We could, on any given night, beat any team in the NBA. And then on any given night we get our ass kicked by any team in the NBA,” the Lakers superstar told the media following the game. “That’s where we are.

“I don’t have any message for my teammates. Just go out and do your job. I’m not — yeah.”

Is LeBron requesting a trade from the Lakers?

NBA analysts shared their take on LeBron’s situation with the Lakers. Kevin O’Connor from The Ringer mentioned the idea of sending LeBron to another team.

“The question now is whether the Lakers, who are currently tied for ninth in the West … can provide LeBron with a last dance and not a sad farewell tour,” O’Connor wrote on January 30.“For the third consecutive season, the front office needs to make a move to reverse offseason blunders and give the Lakers a chance to win it all.”

LeBron is the best to ever play the game and he won’t retire without grabbing a few more rings. He wouldn’t retire with four championship wins in his portfolio.

As expected, fans took notice of his post and now we have people saying that he has requested a trade.

“He’s requesting a trade,” a fan wrote. Another added that the superstar is leaving the franchise.

LeBron can enter the open market in the offseason. He can also choose to finish his career as a Laker.