LeBron James Jr. Gets The High School Class You Must Take From Ex-NBA All-Star

LeBron James Jr. is slowly sailing into the world of basketball, and he already earned the praise of numerous athletes, including Kevin Durant. Bronny mastered his dunk technique, and basketball stars have recognized his potential. The kid has a great chance of becoming even better than his father LeBron James, and this time he got a life advice from an ex-NBA All-Star.

Bronny is enrolled in the prestigious Crossroads school, and this ex-NBA All-Star attended the same school. Baron Davis was exactly where Bronny is at the moment, and knows exactly what the 13-year-old kid needs to do.

Davis attended the Crossroads school, and was an amazing basketball player in the 90s. NBA fans will never forget his success on the basketball court and the brilliance he brought into his team.

Reporters caught Baron in Los Angeles, and asked him about his advice for Bronny. The All-Star fired the response immediately, and his words will sure help Bronny navigate life at Crossroads.

“Get into the arts. Everything else, all that school’s got to offer. You’re going to be great at basketball, so just enjoy it,” Baron said.

When reporters asked is he should take drama classes, the All-Star said, “he should do all that.”

Well, this sure is a nice piece of advice. Baron knows life in Crossroads, and he was really interested in the drama classes. He made friends with Kate Hudson and Cash Warren, and even started a production company with Cash.
Bronny should pay special attention to all the advice he gets, because he’s at the very beginning of his career. He’s just a student at the moment, and this advice will definitely help him carve himself into a professional basketball player. Bronny will need all of that, and maybe even much more.

Keep up the good job, Bronny!

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