Doug Pederson Admits He Stole Play From Patriots For TNF

Doug Pederson confirmed the story of Alshon Jeffery regarding his second touchdown catch. The Eagles borrowed this play from the Patriots.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady threw a short pass to Cordarrelle Patterson on the team’s first drive against the Indianapolis Colts that brought a 7-0 lead to the team. The Philadelphia Eagles borrowed the one-yard pass from Patterson on Thursday night.

“Well, offensively we’re always looking at plays around the league and different things. You catch something on TV. I mean, listen, it fits into who we are. It fits into our DNA offensively. Called a very similar play towards the end of the game to Alshon, another receiver screen, and he was able to drag a couple guys for a 1st down on a big 3rd-down play towards the end. It’s something that a lot of teams are doing it, plus inside the 5-yard line, and it might be one of his easier TD receptions all season,” Pederson said.

Jeffery was able to finish with eight catches for 74 yards and two touchdowns in the big win. He made 13 touchdown catches in the last 15 games. The second touchdown was part of a winning night for Carson Wentz. Carson finished 26-of-36 for 178 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. He also has a 122.2 passer rating.

In four games of the regular season, Wentz was able to complete 68.4 percent of his passes for 1,192 yards, eight touchdowns and an interception for a 104.7 rating. Wentz came back to the team three weeks ago. He was recovering from his ACL and LCL surgery for nine months. Wentz completed over 65 percent of his passes in his four games, meaning he improved his arm.

Pederson is more than happy to see him having an amazing start. “Just watching him rehab, watching him work, watching him out on the field and his determination to get back on the football field. There’s a lot of strength in his lower body. Noticed it obviously — you kind of noticed the lower body through the upper body by the way he’s throwing the football, and so I felt like his lower body strength was solid,” Pederson said.

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